Digital Asset Management

What’s the DAM story?

As the photographic director and digital asset manager for TEDxSydney since 2010, Tim manages a team of up to six photographers on the event day and is responsible for editing, keywording, categorizing and uploading the images to various media platforms as soon as humanly possible. Each event generates up to nine thousand images, and the growing library requires careful maintenance throughout the year.

He’s also been doing this for the City of Sydney’s New Years Eve celebrations – on behalf of First Light Photography – since 2011.

Tim started searching for the best digital asset management (DAM) solution in 2008 while collating the image library for the Lucas Group of companies. After extensive trials of the many systems available at the time, Lucas chose Third Light. It was a wise choice, and they’re still happy clients.

Tim hasn’t stopped being an advocate for the system, and was recently appointed the local distributor.

Third Light IMS (“Intelligent Media Server”) is a digital asset management solution that allows you to take control of your content. The software allows you to centralise all of your digital media assets – documents, images, videos, sound files, whatever – to a single, easily-reached data repository that authorised users can view, search and access the files that they need.

IMS allows you to securely publish data volumes online. Authorised users can then log in to the system to find, view and work with the assets that they’re allowed to access. Using a standard web browser and an easy-to-use, customisable interface, even inexperienced users are up to speed in a very short space of time.

The demand for an efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective DAM system is increasing as rapidly as our diverse collections of images, videos and documents are expanding. Third Light IMS enables users to:
  • Replace fragmented storage with a single place for everything
  • Find files easily with a smart, effective search engine
  • Collaborate and share with convenient, secure permissions
  • Resize and convert files without complex desktop software
  • Manage and re-purpose video content more easily
  • Integrate with your desktop tools and shared file servers

Find out more about how Third Light IMS digital asset management can benefit your business. Contact us today to organise a consultation or arrange for a demonstration.